Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Things I did today:

- Made the toaster work in my hotel room, thus avoiding returning to the madness of the breakfast room.

- Won a grammar argument with my mom. This never happens. Maybe I should take up diagramming sentences as my new hobby.

- Slept in until almost 8am because I didn't have four little furry people sitting on me, one little furry person jumping up to lick my face, and one large furry person shoving me off the bed with his nose. Also, the conures' screaming cannot be heard from five hundred miles away.

- Got the web link and password to watch my dogs in their "luxury suite". So far I've watched the big dog lick his privates and both dogs bark at things out in the hallway. So essentially it's exactly what they do at home. They seem to be surviving with minimal trauma.

- Worked on the super secret Christmas present for my parents which is the same thing as the super secret Christmas present I give them every year. (Shhhh!) (For those who are confused, my family doesn't celebrate until tomorrow.)

- Helped make the stollen. This qualifies as baking under direct adult supervision. Of course the step I did by myself (splitting the dough into two parts and rolling out and assembling the loaves) resulted in two wildly uneven loaves. So apparently I cannot be trusted even when directly supervised.

- Read two pages of online reviews of my parents' new oven, every single one of which contained a complaint about the lack of external light switch. (Samples: "WHO WANTS AN OVEN WITH A LIGHT THAT ONLY COMES ON WHEN YOU OPEN THE DOOR???????", "The lack of an oven light switch is driving my wife crazy.") Laughed about this. Realized I really love my own oven.

- Thought about the 25 word flash fiction that is due for a contest tomorrow.

Things my brother Jeff did today:

- Found the light switch for the oven.

It's Holidailies time! Now go read some other blogs! 


fairbetty said...

I miss you!

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

Haha, you'll see me soon enough! Hope your holidays are going well!

Bev Sykes said...

Another great entry. I loved the part about watching the dogs.

ARHuelsenbeck said...

I love stollen! My dad was a German baker, and he brought home stollen from work. I never made my own stollen, but I buy imported stollen from Germany every year from Trader Joe's. I'm impressed you bake your own. I'll have to try that some year.

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

I tried the Trader Joe's stollen one time -- I think I'm spoiled by having it freshly made every year. It's actually not too hard too make, even for someone who doesn't do much baking. I'll try to remember to get the recipe and post it tomorrow in case you ever want to try!