Friday, December 1, 2017

Digital Graffiti

Welcome to December, the beginning of cutout deer hunting season (according to the big dog who tried to take down a herd of them on a stranger's lawn last night)!

Behold the mighty hunter!

This is also the beginning of Holidailies, so I am planning to post an entry every day this month. (If it is 2020 and this is the last entry on the blog... well, I'll be in good company if my random trawling through the blogspot ranks is any indication.)

In addition to writing in this blog, I'm planning to continue to vandalize improve my workplace, this time digitally. If you remember, I swapped some of my own paintings in for the "art" that was on the walls and waited to see if anyone noticed. That was over five years ago. Those paintings are still on the wall (upstairs now) in the building. I don't even work in that building anymore.

Anyhow, within the last year the company set up an internal website so all the groups would have somewhere to put important communications. Use of the website has been pretty hit-or-miss -- in reality, if anyone posts anything they have to send out a mass email with the link to what they wrote, which sort of defeats the purpose, but whatever.

As I was clicking around I realized my boss had claimed a spot for our group back in April. It still has the standard "this is the page you will customize" landing page, so I know nobody is using it. Better yet, I have write access! I assume this means I have carte blanche to start posting blog entries. I figure as long as their tangentially work-related and I don't waste a bunch of time on them I probably won't get fired. And I'll amuse myself which is really the only reason I ever do anything. This will be the perfect place to make fun of all the engineers. (Nicely, of course, because I'm not really a terrible person.)

I'm taking bets on long it will take for anyone to notice.


Anonymous said...

If they didn't want you to write there, they wouldn't have given you access.

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

That's going to be my excuse if anyone ever complains.

jenmoon said...

This sounds like a fun plan.

MissMeliss said...

I don't see how you could possibly resist filling an empty digital space like that. (Happy Holidailies!)