Friday, August 26, 2022

Still Twitching

 As a member of Gen X, I "get" some social media (FB, twitter) and absolutely don't understand other parts (TikTok, I'm staring at you here). Instagram is another thing I don't really get, but I think that might be because I'm not super visual and not just because I'm old.

But since I set up the kitten cam ( to showcase the foster kittens, I've joined the world of Twitch.  And that's just kind of funny because Twitch is mostly used by gamers. I do not game. I have never been able to get into any game. Every time I've tried, I've bumbled around for anywhere from 2-60 minutes until I've given up in frustration. And yet Twitch provides free streaming, so there I am with my kitten cam amongst the Destiny and Warhammer folks. (Did I get either of those names right?)

This leads to some hilarity because people who use Twitch will sometimes go look at other channels en masse. So suddenly there will be a comment on the kitten cam feed saying "A raiding party has arrived." (Yes, I talked to my teenaged nephew to get the scoop on what that meant.) And then I get questions like:

"Bro, where are the kittens?"

I... have never been called "Bro" before, so this has been a new experience. Also, have you ever tried to set up a camera in the guest bathroom so the kittens are always in view? It's just not possible. It was especially problematic with Humphrey, who was old enough to jump onto the counter and spent most of his time up there.

Anyhow, come check the stream! The current foster is Poppy, and she is adorable and incredibly soft. She also likes to stand right next to the door (out of camera range) calling for me to come pick her up, so I fully expect more "Bro, where are the kittens?" type comments.

She fell asleep on the back of my office chair today...