Saturday, January 27, 2024

Thingadailies is Nigh!

You remember Thingadailies, right? It's like Holidailies, except instead of just posting on your blog once a day during December, with Thingadailies, you make a thing and post about it every day.

"Make a thing" has a very broad definition, at least here at Chez Nebulopathy.

28 days is the perfect amount of time to get comfortable doing something, so I often use Thingadailies to learn something I've been meaning to get around to but never would have the discipline to do otherwise.

Okay, so now the question is: What do I do this year? Here are the contenders:
  • A 1-minute song a day using Would this be a useful skill for me to have? Probably not, but it also might be fun to try to make 28 different tunes. And that website is pretty nifty.

  • Working my way through this Photoshop tutorial/speedrun, except in GIMP.
    Technically, this would only be one thing at the end, not 28, but I'd be committing to moving forward every day. I'm not actually sure I could do this in a month, but I'd undoubtedly learn a lot.

  • I could post bloopers from audiobook narration every day. This would be the easiest thing ever, because I lose my ability to speak English the minute I start recording. But it wouldn't be very entertaining in blog format, and I'll probably just save the bloopers reel for my Patreon supporters.

  • Maybe something like learning to create animals in Blender/Daz3D? I ran into a problem when working on the Jackpot Drift covers — there are no goats available. I bought sheep and chickens, but it seems like it would be useful to learn to make my own. There may, however, be a... skill gap. Still, that's never stopped me before! (cf, last year's webcomic)
So there we have it, the current list of possibilities. I'm open to suggestions!

Are you doing Thingadailies? Now's the perfect time to come up with a plan!

As a bonus for scrolling to the bottom of this blog entry, here is my dog in his new bed. It took a few hours for him to decide it was safe to go near (and I had to remove the extra cushion), but now he likes it.

A 65-pound dog curled up in a big round dog bed

Monday, January 1, 2024

Bigger Idiots Than Me

BookBub Ad Update

The stats stayed the same for the day, so I've bumped up the rate to $0.25 (from $0.20) per click.

Bigger Idiots Than Me

I write things on my office walls. (Because why not? The walls are pink. Anyone who buys this house is going to want to repaint this room immediately.) Mostly, it's writing-related, stuff about planting red herrings and giving every scene a conflict, choice, and consequences. I also have the past tenses of lie and lay, because I got tired of looking it up every single time.

This is my latest addition:

It says "Bigger idiots than me have done it!" That's my reminder not to give up before I start. I think more people should write it on their walls.

How's that for a 2024 pep talk?

Pet Picture of the Day

My poor dog is enjoying the current kitten-free days.

Accomplishments of the Day

  • Figured out what I'm writing for the Patreon digital bonus
  • Wrote most of the dragon episode. I'll finish it this evening.
  • Wrote my monthly goals post on the other blog.
  • Didn't sign up for the 2024 words/day challenge, though I think I'm going to aim for that number. Will I make it to that on day one? No. No, I will not. I'll probably be around 1,500 words when I pack it in for the day. That's probably a sign that I did the right thing by not signing up.
  • Yesterday's total step count: 13,158. Today's will probably be lower.
  • Finished Holidailies! Thanks for reading!