Sunday, January 18, 2015

It's My Party, I'll Revise If I Want To

Last weekend I went to a "Revision Party" held at the house of one of the guys in my writing group. Before I explain, I'd just like everyone to take a moment to marvel at the fact that I willingly went to something sort of social. It's truly amazing.

A revision party is just what it sounds like -- everyone sits around and revises something they've been working on. In practice, that means a group of people sitting around a table, each with their own laptop, ignoring everyone else and typing. While some people might describe this atmosphere as anti-social, in reality it's perfect for people like me. There's no awkward small talk because there's not really any talk at all.

My friend J.J. called it "a rave for introverts".

Anyhow, I went, I revised, I ate snacks, and I left and now I have officially submitted the second of three writing prompts I have to complete for my writing group. One more and I'm in the clear.

Who says I don't have a social life?

Sunday, January 4, 2015

So Productive!

It's only four days into the new year and I've already accomplished so much it's insane. For example:
  • I ate a salad.

  • I finally finished and submitted the first of the three mandatory writing exercises for my writing group. After I get the other two in I'll be able to submit something I actually care about getting feedback on. Granted, it's taken me three months to produce the first 500 word (yes, that's only one page) assignment, so at this rate I'll be good to go some time after July, but still...

  • I made almond soup today. It wasn't all that good, but at least I cooked something.
In other news, I haven't had to make another trip to the hardware store in the last week. Who knew that sliding glass door latches were such a field of landmines? This country... I swear we can't stick to any standards.

Anyhow, Happy New Year!