Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Not Yet Funny

Related to this, I got this notice today:

Fingers crossed that Crow the cat does relatively well for another week...

Friday, July 20, 2018

Some Day This Will Be Hilarious

I currently have four cats and they all started as my bottle babies when I was in vet school, so they're all in their teens now. If you know anything about cats that information is enough to tell you they are well into the lymphoma years.

Crow the cat didn't eat anything last night and didn't eat anything this morning, so I took her in to find out what specific form of badness she has going on and whether it's something we can treat for a while. (Jury is still out on that part -- it's looking like either the bad form of lymphoma or the worse form of lymphoma, plus something else that is making her jaundiced.)

 Crow the cat, "helping" me write

While she was at hospital number one (before transferring to hospital number two), she bit one of the technicians putting her IV catheter in.

If that wasn't bad enough, she is two months overdue on her rabies vaccination. I mean, she's an inside cat, I haven't seen any dead bats in the house, and she's probably well-protected from all the vaccinations she's had in the past, but still.

If she dies within the next ten days (which I give pretty good odds on at this point), legally they need to cut off her head and send it to the state to test for rabies.

So, yeah, someday this is going to be really funny. Just not so much today.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Marshmallow Toasting Has Been Cancelled

Apparently massive fires are the new normal for summers here. This map has the current satellite data for what started as the "Guinda Fire" and then became called "County Fire". (I'm not sure why it got the latter name since it's now in three counties, but I'm sure there's a reason.) When I went to bed last night it was estimated at 45,000 acres. When I got up seven hours later that had gone up to 70,000. It's only 5% contained which is just a step up from "Run For Your Lives!". The clear area in the middle of the orange/red oval is where it already burned over the weekend.

I live over on the east in Woodland. I think there's enough agricultural land that can be flooded that the fire won't get this far, but I'm not basing that on anything CalFire has said so I might be completely wrong. CalFire has their staging camp half a mile away from my house, though, so I suspect they don't think it's likely to burn either.

I have friends who are in evacuation zones and my social media is filled with people needing or offering transport and accommodation for horses and livestock in the affected area.

All I'm saying is that if I end up with a herd of goats in my back yard it's really not my fault...