Monday, February 1, 2021

Space Kitten #1

 I did mention I was doing Thingadailies, right? Part of the reason is so I don't forget how to use Gimp (which is similar to Photoshop), but the other part is so I can do things like this!

A kitten out in space with a pink planet in the background

Notes on how to make your own space kittens:

  1. Find a kitten picture! Mine are taken from House of Floof with permission. So many cute kittens.

  2.  To mask the kitten, this time I tried doing a quick and dirty selection manually, creating the mask from the selection, then blurring the edges of the mask. I suspect there are better ways to do this, but this seemed like an improvement over not blurring the edges.

  3. The planet I created using this tutorial ( The key steps were
    1. Filters->Render->Noise->Plasma
    2. Filters->Map->Map Object (Map to: sphere)

  4. I also added a semi-transparent background of plasma noise, and then some supernovas because I just can't help myself.
The first time it took about 45 minutes. Then Gimp froze and I hadn't saved anything (of course), so the second time only took about 20 minutes plus a lot of swearing. Save early and often! I should know this by now.

Could it be better? Of course! But I think this is a fine start to the month of space kittens.

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