Thursday, December 2, 2021

The Game of Peel


Here's my favorite Thanksgiving story. (It's not mine.)

Like many families, my friend Jon and his wife and kids — and now grandkids — make mashed potatoes as part of the Thanksgiving meal. There's a decent sized crowd; there are a fair number of potatoes to peel.

Now Jon has never met something he can't turn into a game and the whole family is pretty competitive, so they have a potato peeling relay: the potatoes are split into two piles, everyone is divided into two teams, and then one person from each team peels a potato and hands the peeler off to the next person. The team who finishes their pile first wins.

At this point you should be thinking: Sharp implements, people hurrying, small children... what could possibly go wrong?

Perhaps you won't be surprised that there is also a rule that people are not allowed to participate while they are actively bleeding.

Anyhow, according to Jon, everyone has a great time, nobody has needed to go to the hospital yet, and they always wash the potatoes really well, so it's all good.

Obligatory Pet Picture

Two dog paw prints dried in mud

Okay, yeah, this one might be stretching it, but there was a pet involved at some point. (They overwater the park where I walk my dog, so the jogging trail is muddy every other day.)


bozoette said...

My Pop's best friend used to host big July 4th parties where he'd have contests for the kids - notably the "Crabgrass Pulling Contest" and the "Paint Chip Picking-Up Contest." We fell for it every year.

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...