Friday, December 17, 2021


I'm a Professional!

One of the standard ways to market a book is to drop the price on the first in series (or make it free), pay for advertising, and then hope people buy the next books in the series.

That only really works if you have at least three books in the series, and I'm finally there with the Penelope Standing Mysteries. So it's time to advertise!

Ad for "Death Walks a Dog" with copy: "Crime Fighting Gets Better at 50"
Attempt 1: Meh...

Here's my background: school, electrical engineering degree, UNIX system administration, programming, DVM, veterinarian, back to programming, and writer.

Ad for "Death Walks a Dog" with copy: "A New Leash on Crime"
Attempt 2: Maybe too crime-y?

You'll note that nowhere is there anything to do with visual arts or marketing. I was getting frustrated at how bad I am at creating ad images today when I remembered that people train many years to do this for a living. So maybe I shouldn't feel too bad about my attempts.

Ad for "Death Walks a Dog" with bloody paw prints
Attempt 3: I hate all fonts

(Which isn't to say I don't need to learn and get better. But still.)

Anyhow, I'll probably run all of these for a bit (after I drop the price on the book, of course) and see which one has the best click-through rate.

Ad for "Death Walks a Dog" with bloody footprints and a cartoon dog
Attempt 4: Dogs!

Obligatory Pet Picture

Grey cat in a cat bed with a sweet potato

Guido and Jorts snuggling together...

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