Wednesday, December 1, 2021

It's Holidailies Time!

Well, lookee here, it's suddenly December and time for Holidailies!

2021 So far

Since I've been kinda terrible about updating my blog lately, here's what I've been doing:

I published a bunch of books. Seriously, though, I did! I currently have five books, two novellas, and a serial available for people to buy. (Plus another serial under a secret pen name because it's hilarious erotica and I don't think I could handle the Thanksgiving meal conversations with my family if it became generally known.) Anyhow, if you want to look at what's available (minus the ridiculous erotica), check it out here.

I quit my job. You're probably having one of two reactions:

1) Heck, if I'd known making a living writing was so easy, I would have quit my job, too!

2) Wow, Theresa's books must be selling way better than I thought!

3) (Bonus Thought) I knew it! Writing erotica is the way to pay the bills!

So... yes, I'm writing full time now, but no, it's not paying the bills, at least not yet. I just couldn't deal with having a day job and I had some money saved up. Will I have to go find another job? Very possibly, but that's a problem for next year or the year after.

Some pets are no longer around. Yes, it's sad, but age gets us all if nothing else happens first. The little dog was 15, my conure was in her 20s. The next year will likely be similar: I have two cats in their late teens, and a cockatiel who is old enough to buy alcohol. You can either spend all your time with your pets lamenting the fact that they don't live very long, or... you can just accept it and enjoy the time you have.

I've been healthy. No COVID-19 for me, thankfully. Go get your vaccinations. We're not going to get out of this until everyone does.

What Will I Talk About This December?

I mean, Holidailies is always a challenge. Sure, the first week is easy because you can find random things to rant about, but after the first five or six, you either need to do something different or accept that you sound unhinged.

So probably you'll end up hearing about more independent publishing stuff, because that's what I spend my days talking to myself about. (Yes, I live alone. It's a good thing.)

I'll try to find other things to talk about (like the stupid kitchen light that takes 60 minutes to come on. Yes, I should probably fix that...), but realistically, you're going to get a lot of indie publishing info. I'm just telling you now so you can avoid the blog if you want. I won't be offended. I promise!

And finally...

Obligatory Pet Photo

The teenagers. They've been good cats!


Sherck said...

I certainly feel for your loss. One of our puppers is 15 and based on the past year, we know our time is limited.

Congrats on the writing success! Here's to more and greater successes to come. Good luck with another year of Holidailies!

bozoette said...

You are very brave. And inspirational!

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

I don't know that I'd call it "brave" as much as "unprepared", but thanks!

Bev Sykes said...

looking forward to your 2021 holidailies.

Mellie said...

Happy Holidailies!

KarenD said...

Glad to see you back for Holidailies!