Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Casting Off

Story of the Day

I met up with my family today and hopefully (fingers crossed!) we did not pass around viruses to each other. I haven't been in the same place with all my siblings for a few years, so it was nice to see everyone even if I did spend 4.5 hours driving today. And I only got on the freeway going the wrong direction once!

Anyhow, of all the catching up stories I heard, the funniest was probably about my youngest nephew. When he was just under a year old, he broke his leg going down a slide and had to have a cast on his leg. They stopped using his high chair during that period because one day his cast got caught on the edge of the tray when they were lifting him out, and the baby came up but the cast fell on the ground. Oops!

(And of course, my family being my family, we all immediately asked if they tried to just... slip it back on. They did. It didn't work. They had to go to urgent care and get another one put on.)

The other high point of the day was showing everyone my finger which I jammed last night and is now a lovely shade of purple. Apparently I will never be too old to try to gross my siblings out with stuff like that.

Obligatory Pet Picture

Alaskan Husky looking straight at the camera with a serious face

So serious!

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