Wednesday, December 29, 2021



I'd never had a persimmon until a few years ago. I think I got some in my CSA box. They were great!

Then, at some point in the last two years, I realized my neighbors have a gigantic persimmon tree that hangs over the fence into my yard. How did I not notice this in the prior 15 years? I'm not really sure. My dog also discovered persimmons, and now I know it's persimmon season because he wants to go out and look for fruit that has dropped into the ivy.

But today I discovered that not all persimmons are the same. When I went to my sister's house yesterday, I learned she has a persimmon tree. These fruit were were larger and pointier. I brought some home.

I cut one up today and split a slice with my dog. The dog thought it was fine. I thought I had just eaten a slice of baby powder. I'm serious. It sucked all the moisture out of my mouth and left my teeth coated with a powder. Not a great experience. So I decided to google.

Turns out that Fuyu persimmons (like my neighbors have) can be eaten when the fruit is still firm. But you should wait until Hachiya persimmons (such as the ones on my sister's tree) are soft and ripe before eating.

I have done the experiment for you. Follow the internet's advice.

I put the rest of the slices into my air fryer and dehydrated them (uh... if you do this at home, an hour is too long) and the resulting chips were quite tasty. So I can either wait until the other four persimmons are ripe, or make them into persimmon chips.

So there you go. Now you are wiser as well.

Obligatory Pet Picture

tortoiseshell cat sitting on box with a trail of styrofoam bits across the floor

"Styrofoam? No, I haven't seen a box with a block of Styrofoam. Why do you ask?"

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