Monday, December 27, 2021


Sun Tzu Knew Where to Keep Family

I got a text message from an "unknown" number that was just a picture of the "Welcome to Woodland" sign that is at the offramp of the freeway five minutes away from my house.

The number wasn't really unknown — google phone no longer forwards texts to your phone. Instead, the picture was forwarded to my email, but it didn't pick up my phone contacts to give the sender a name. The end result was I got this weird email in the middle of the afternoon from a phone with an unknown area code having just a picture of a nearby landmark attached.

Luckily, my life is pretty threat-free, so I figured out it was from my sister. She flew into the nearby airport with her family, and they were driving to my brother's place to spend a few days. Assuming all goes well, we will all get together tomorrow and hopefully not exchange life-ending viruses.

But there was a fraction of a second there when I thought some weirdo was coming after me...

Obligatory Pet Picture

Alaskan Husky lying in leaves in front of a lichen-covered branch

You would never guess I had food in my hand, would you?

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