Monday, December 25, 2023

Worth It

BookBub Ad Update

As promised, I changed the ad again and set it up for cost-per-click (CPC) instead of cost-per-a-bunch-of-impressions-even-if-everyone-ignores-it (CPM). So far things are going much better. Here's the new ad image:

Image reads "Greatest couple since Nick and Nora Charles" with a button reading "Free Download"

(Yes, this is a quotation from a real review.)

Does anyone under 50 know who Nick and Nora Charles are? That's debatable, but it could work in my favor — my cozy readers skew older. So it could work in my favor if only older readers click on the ad.

Anyhow, so far, so good. I've spent $0.58, which gave me 956 impressions, and 4 clicks. I doubt this is entirely because of my new ad image — CPC ads look like the clear winner here.

Worth It

I pretty much don't text people, because if it's an emergency, I'll call, and if it's not an emergency, I'll send email. Typing on my phone is a skill I don't possess, and having everything I've ever talked to anyone about in one long stream is just a bad way to organize things.

Group texts add another layer of pain on top of it all. You can't remove yourself from the list, and now you're at the mercy of the chattiest person in the group.


IPhones have a "tapback" option, which just allows you to like/heart/thumbs-up another person's message. For some reason, it doesn't work for me, so if someone "hearts" a text, I get a second text saying Person B Loved "<The original text message>"

Honestly, it was just one more reason to be irritated by group texts, until my brother Jeff complained about it because he doesn't use an iPhone.

Now that I know it irritates him, it's my duty to tapback on every message. The group texts are much funnier now, because I can just tapback on anything and know that it will bother my brother. Petty? Yes. But totally worth it.

For the record, we're 55 and 58 years old.

Pet Picture of the Day

All kittens love to climb into my backpack. It calls to them.

Accomplishments of the Day

  • Only 269 words on the urban fantasy, but hey, it's Christmas.
  • Cleaned and collapsed my dog's crate so I can put it in the car tomorrow. I hope it fits. When I bought it, I had a different car.
  • Yesterday's step count: 16,853. Today's will be a bit lower, but probably still better than the rest of the week.
  • Packed the dog's stuff.
  • Remembered Holidailies for the 25th day in a row!

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