Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Wandering the Neighborhood

BookBub Ad Update

The current ad has spent $1.21, had 2,864 impressions, and 8 link clicks. BookBub keeps sending me email telling my campaign isn't winning many impressions. "Our auction takes the click-through rate (CTR) into account for ads using CPC bidding, and unfortunately the CTRs of these campaigns are low enough to impact their competitiveness in the auction." Basically, they aren't spending the amount I've given them, but that's fine as long as I don't want to scale up.

Wandering the Neighborhood

Georgie and I went for a walk in our temporary neighborhood this morning and took some pictures. My two main complaints are the number of people who don't have their dogs on a leash (extreme eye-roll) and the sheer amount of trash in the Santa Ana Riverbed, which otherwise would be a beautiful spot for bird watching.

I think this is a no trespassing sign (maybe?) but it's kind of beautiful this way.

Georgie's not a fan of having his picture taken, but he's still gorgeous.

Look closely at this car — there's a skeleton looking at you!

My dog was very good around two small children today, another win for the road trip experience.

Pet Picture of the Day

Sometimes, I have a supervisor...

Accomplishments of the Day

  • Remembered Holidailies for the 27th day in a row!
  • Yesterday's total step count: 6,429. Today's is even lower. Let's hear it for vacation!
  • No writing happened. Again, vacation.
  • Figured out my gross and net earnings for the year (so I can do a Roth conversion before the end of the year — yes, I have left it for the last possible minute...)

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