Friday, December 22, 2023

The Chelsea Detective

BookBub Ad Update

Sadly, the Canadians have abandoned me. $4.38 spent, 1,823 impressions, and 1 link click. Definitely switching to cost-per-click ads with the next experiment.

The Chelsea Detective

Extending yesterday's rant about the series I've been reading: Am I surprised that the old white dude author (Peter Grainger) has put his (white, cis, hetero, male) main character in peril by having a crazy female coworker unjustly accuse him of sexual assault? I swear, all those old guys love the #MeToo movement for giving them another way to put their totally innocent characters in danger and show how straight white guys are the most mistreated group of people ever.

Anyhow, it's a bummer, and now I need to find a new series, because advancing through this one is starting to feel like a hate-read.

Anyone have any mystery book recommendations?

How about a better example?

Let me switch to a good series — television, this time. Have you watched The Chelsea Detective?

Though everyone knows I'm a sucker for British police procedurals — and the lineups on Acorn and Britbox say I'm not alone — I resisted this one because... honestly, I avoid shows that look like Yet Another White Dude as the main character. I feel like I've put in my time on those shows.

But this one is different.

There's teamwork. There's flawed characters I'd still love to spend time with. The cast is interesting. In a way that American shows never manage, there is a Deaf woman in a professional setting, and her disability is acknowledged in the way people interact with her, but it's never the focus. The main character rides his bike everywhere. He lives on a houseboat.

Also, the soundtrack is fantastic.

Give it a watch. The first two seasons are fabulous.

Pet Picture of the Day

This is Pumpkin, of the Muffin Gang, from back in July. A gorgeous kitten!

Accomplishments of the Day

(Did I actually get anything done today? Yikes.)
  • Blocked out what happens in the next dragon episode
  • Cleaned the kitchen pretty thoroughly
  • Yesterday's step total: 20,515. Today's is all messed up because I realized halfway through the day that the pedometer was still on my bed. It would have been lower anyhow.


Jenipurr said...

I can highly recommend the Meg Lanslaw series by Donna Andrews. I really enjoy them.

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

I've read those!