Friday, December 29, 2023

Just One Coyote, But Up Close and Personal

BookBub Ad Update

With this ad, I've spent $1.39, 3,514 impressions, 9 link clicks. As always, it's a little hard to tell if any of those clicks are leading to actual sales, but they may be — I've seen some sales on Google Play that I don't normally see.

Just One Coyote, But Up Close and Personal

Georgie and I walked along the riverbed this morning and we saw a coyote watching us from about 10 feet away. It didn't look particularly bothered by us, but it eventually turned away when I waved my arms and shouted at it.

We had a good walk and came home safely. This picture is from the pedestrian bridge at the midpoint of our walk. It was a very gray morning, but you can see the riverbed. Keep going another mile or two in that direction and you reach the Pacific.

Georgie looks thrilled, doesn't he? He hates pictures.

Pet Picture of the Day

I really have had the most gorgeous foster kittens this year!

Accomplishments of the Day

  • (Note to self: do the Roth conversion earlier next year. Or better yet, earn more money from books so I don't need to do a Roth conversion. Either way, there was no accomplishment with the finances today.)
  • Remembered Holidailies yet again!
  • Yesterday's total step count: 13,389. Today's will be less, but still not terrible for vacation.

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