Tuesday, December 19, 2023

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Kitten Update

There are still no kittens.

BookBub Ad Update

Well, I changed the graphic from this

to this

and so far I have spent $1.76, for 741 impressions and... zero clicks. I'll give it a week and see if cost-per-click ads are any more effective. Clearly, I am not an advertising genius.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

A week from now I'll be driving down to southern California. And depending on how many people cancel their boarding reservations between now and then, my dog may be coming with me.

If that happens, it will be an interesting trip. I'll be bringing his crate so he has someplace safe to hang out, but he's definitely a dog who likes his personal space. He doesn't really like being touched, he shies away if anyone puts their hand near his head, and I've never had him around children. (And he won't be around them without heavy supervision this trip, because I trust him to a limited extent, but I don't trust children.)

On the other hand, my brother lives near the riverbed, so my dog might get some nice walks out of the deal, especially if the weather is good.

And I will have an excellent reason to bail on any discussion I don't want to have to listen to. "Oh, hey, looks like the dog needs to go for another walk!" Which may be a thing. So maybe it will be better if I bring him along...

Pet Picture of the Day

Aw, it's my former foster kittens, the Infinite Voids!

Accomplishments of the Day

  • Updated my website to include the new book
  • Cleaned up the Sherlock Holmes story and sent it to my Patreon supporters
  • Mastermind meeting
  • Decluttered (partially) the living room. (Oh, that's where that sweatshirt went!)
  • Came up with my (probably unrealistic) author goals for 2024, which include releasing four books and four audiobooks.
  • Yesterday's step total: 19,409. Today will be about the same, I think.

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