Friday, December 15, 2023


Kitten Update

Still nothing. It is very sad.

BookBub Ad Update

$3.75 spent, 1,575 impressions, and 0 clicks. I think the next ad image I try will have a (fake) button so people click on the dang thing.


One of my goals this week was to finish doing the new covers for my Jackpot Drift series. As I've said before, the current covers look professional and are exactly what I asked the cover designers to do — I just don't think they're giving the right vibe for the book.

I'm using DAZ Studio (a 3D rendering program) to make the new covers and the first two are pretty much ready, but at the last minute I decided to add something to the first book. So now I have to wait for it to render the final scene again. It's not that long in the grand scheme of things, but it will take a couple hours.

The smart thing to do would be to let it run in the background while I write, but for some reason I thought it would be done in twenty minutes, so I've been messing around with other stuff. I'm reading The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer's Guide to Character Expression because someday I'm going to get my act together and get better at showing my characters' emotions.

Pet Picture of the Day

Kittens often chew each other's whiskers off, leading to this especially tragic photo of a former foster. (The kittens are fine! The whiskers grow back!)

Accomplishments of the Day

  • Worked on the Jackpot Drift Covers
  • Added 469 words (so far) to the urban fantasy WIP, but it's only 4pm.
  • Yesterday's total step count: 18,276. Today's will probably be lower, but the pedometer reading is going to be messed up because I wasn't wearing it when I walked the dog. Oh well.
  • Texted my pet sitter since she never responded to my email. I don't think she reads her email. Luckily, she is better at taking care of pets than technology. Anyhow, she can take care of the cats and the bird, so that's set.

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