Wednesday, December 6, 2023


 I took the Rivers of London kittens back to the shelter today and the house is currently kitten-free for the first time in... maybe four months? I can't actually remember. Normally, I take one group back and bring another home with me, or have one group in the bathroom and another in the office. It's been a while since the bathroom has been empty.

My friends, of course, are funnier that I will ever be:

Anyhow, I make jokes about how there's DRAMA happening at the shelter every time I go in.

The last time I was there, they nearly had to call child protective services because some guy refused to give them information about his daughter who was bitten by a dog. (Don't mess around with the state when rabies is on the line, friends. You won't win.)

A previous time, someone's estranged uncle had taken the owner's dog and dumped it at a park. Another guy works on oil rigs and the people watching his dog let it run loose, but he still owed money for the last time his dog had been at the shelter.

So, today, the appointment was for a time before the lobby was open, and I made a joke about missing out on the drama today. The woman behind the counter started laughing, and that was when I found out why there was a sheriff's SUV and a detective's truck in the parking lot. Some guy had an appointment to come in and he had threatened to "slaughter" all the staff in the past, so they were taking precautions. (There were mental health issues complicating all this.)

Anyhow, the kittens are at the shelter and if you know anyone who is looking for an adorable addition or two to their house, let me know!

Pet Picture of the Day

Lady Tyburn really wanted to get onto my desk.

Accomplishments of the Day

  • Took the kittens to the shelter
  • Write-in in Davis where I only got 500 words written but had a great crepe.
  • Cleaned & disinfected the bathroom where the kittens have been sneezing for two months. This took a while.
  • Remembered Holidailies yet again!
  • Yesterday's total step count: 26,155. Today I will be lucky to hit 10k, but I am exhausted after spending two hours scrubbing kitten snot from the bathroom walls. (Yes, fostering is glamorous!)
  • Still to-do today: Write another 1200 words on the urban fantasy novel.

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