Tuesday, December 5, 2023


For the first thirty-five years of my life, I was absolutely convinced I always had to follow the most difficult path, just because it was the most difficult. The AP version of a course? That's the one I needed to take. Electrical engineering? That must be my major. Life on hard mode was a core part of my personality.

At some point, I realized that there was absolutely nothing wrong with taking it easy. You don't have to read James Joyce's Ulysses just because it's the book nobody else can read. Especially if you've tried a couple of times. You don't have to enroll in an MFA program to write fiction. You don't have to go the traditional publishing route of finding and agent and waiting for them to sell your book. You can buy the frozen pie crust if you don't enjoy making your own.

Sometimes — most times — the easy way is the better choice.

Anyhow, I was thinking about this tonight as I was taking the trash bin to the curb for the weekly pickup. For years, I forced myself to remember what day the trash pickup was, which meant that half the time I was dragging the bins to the curb in my pajamas at 6am after I was woken by the sound of the garbage truck. Or I missed the pickup completely.

And then one day I created a reminder on my Google calendar. Now it emails me on Tuesday evenings. (It's a little passive aggressive, though, with its "Have you taken out the trash?" but that's a separate issue.) It's one less thing I have to remember. It's life on easier mode.

Honestly, if I could give my younger self one piece of advice, it would be that taking the easy road isn't a bad thing. (But I never would have listened.)

Pet Picture of the Day

This is Molly (of the Rivers of London foster kitten gang). She's a ringleader whenever they get up to mischief, but she has a purr that will lull you to sleep. The fosters are going back to the shelter tomorrow, which is good, because they are getting big, but I will miss them.

Accomplishments of the Day

  • Spent an hour cleaning stuff in the dining room area. I still need to clear off some stuff on the table, but it's better than it was.
  • Remembered Holidailies again!
  • Added 800 words to Theoretical Magic.
  • Mastermind group meeting.
  • Yesterday's total step count: 24,328. Today's will probably be a bit less.
  • To-do: Another 900 words on the urban fantasy book. (I did make it to 1700 yesterday.)

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