Monday, December 4, 2023

Monster of the Week

Well, at least I made it three whole days before having the "what the heck am I going to blog about?" thought.

Monster of the Week

No, we're not talking romance novels today. (Though, yeah, if I wrote romance novels, that's probably the kind I would write because they are absolutely bonkers.) Instead, I'm talking about the style of TV show I most enjoy.

Monster of the week doesn't imply a real monster — it just refers to there being a new problem that has a complete plot arc during each episode. Think of the old style Batman show. Every week, there was a new villainous plot, and everything was resolved at the end. A lot of popular shows do this, especially police procedurals like all of the Law & Order clones. Star Trek did this. 

Sometimes they will also have a series arc, but for me, that's usually when a show gets into trouble. I don't mind character subplots with people forming new relationships like you would expect in real life, but I don't want a Big Bad who is slowly stalking the main character's family during the entire season. Just give me the monster of the week and let me feel like everything has been resolved when the closing credits play.

Pet Picture of the Day

This is Lady Tyburn (of the Rivers of London foster kitten gang) and Freeway, the cockatiel who loves kittens. I have had this cockatiel for 22 years, and she has flown toward every cat she's ever seen. How she survived in the wilds of the SF Bay Area long enough to nearly starve to death, I will never know.

Accomplishments of the Day

  • Sent "Preparing for Winter with Special Guest Baba Yaga" to my Patreon supporters.
  • Remembered (again!) that Holidailies exists and wrote this blog entry.
  • Added ~700 words to the urban fantasy novel.
  • Spent an hour breaking down boxes in the back room as part of getting the house ready for the pet sitter.
  • Yesterday's total step count: 22,204. Today will likely be about the same.
  • Did not pick up the medical foster kitten from the shelter. (I mean, I offered, but I waited long enough to reply to the email that someone else had already taken her.) Trust me, this is an accomplishment.
  • To-do tonight: add another 1k to the urban fantasy novel. (If I can write 1,667 words every day during November, surely I can manage it at least once during December, right?)

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