Saturday, December 30, 2023


BookBub Ad Update

Currently sitting at $1.39 spent, 3,721 impressions, and 9 link clicks. If I could scale that up, I'd be happy, but since it's not spending my current budget, I would have to increase my bids if I want to scale up. Why can't people just magically find my books? I wish it worked that way.


On our last day, Georgie and I walked in the intermittent rain and I took infrastructure pictures. My brother was talking about how the pumps in the neighborhood can only handle a maximum of 1" rain/hour or else the street at the end floods, and that rate is only when the tide is in the right place. However, apparently none of my pictures turned out to be of the pumps that (might) keep the neighborhood from flooding.

These machines are (maybe?) to pump treated water underground to keep the saltwater from infiltrating the water table when they suck all the water out of the ground to water the lawns. (Seriously. Everyone has a lawn. It's a desert.)

FYI: I was very proud of the composition of this picture. But is it really that great? Meh.

Next, we have wires. So many overhead wires...

I had to ask about this one. It provides access to the natural gas line that runs under the trail.

Pet Picture of the Day

Georgie was the perfect dog during the entire trip! He's definitely invited back in the future.

Accomplishments of the Day

  • Drove for seven hours. I feel like that's a pretty big accomplishment.
  • Yesterday's total step count: 10,105. Today's is going to be a mystery because I left the pedometer at the house when I walked the dog.
  • Remembered Holidailies again!

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