Monday, December 18, 2023

Very Very Frightening

Kitten Update

The kitten well has run dry. Rather unbelievable, but there we have it.

BookBub Ad Update

$6.57 spent, 2,736 impressions, 0 clicks. I think I can safely say that ad has been given a fair chance and absolutely does not work. I'll create a different one this afternoon.

Very Very Frightening

My dog had a restless night, which means I, too, had a restless night. After we go to bed, he basically has one move to indicate he needs something: he stands up on the bed next to me and stares.

Now, you might imagine this is completely ineffective when used on a sleeping person, but I've been well trained. During fig season — when his diet is roughly 90% fiber and he poops approximately ever fifteen minutes as a result — if I don't get up in time, there's a mess to clean up in the morning.

We're not in fig season anymore, and I think he's already eaten all the persimmons that fell in the ivy, but sometimes things go awry. So I never ignore him when he's standing over me.

Last night, it was raining. Not only did I get up to let him outside multiple times, at least one time he was thoroughly soaked when he climbed on the bed afterward. It was a great night.

What I didn't consider — and I'm blaming this on the fact that I wasn't really awake — was that his stare-at-me signal is the same for every problem. I assumed he needed to go outside because that's usually what he wants.

It wasn't until I saw a friend's post this morning about the thunder that I realized what the problem had been. Not that I heard it, but I can sleep through noise like that. My dog doesn't.

Hopefully I'll be a little quicker next time so I can knock him out with Benadryl and we can both get a good night's sleep.

Pet Picture of the Day

Former foster Funky Moe says hello!

Accomplishments of the Day

  • Made three phone calls to strangers, which is a big deal for my Gen X soul. Honestly, if that had been the entire list, I would be satisfied.
  • Finished the short story (rough draft) for my Patreon supporters. (Added 837 words.)
  • Edited and uploaded the dragon episode to Kindle Vella.
  • Remembered Holidailies for the 18th day in a row!
  • Yesterday's step count: 23,424. (Would have been even higher, but it started pouring so I skipped the walk to the grocery store for Diet Coke.) Today's will probably be lower.
  • Still to-do (since it may be dark but it is only 3pm): Create the paperback wrap and load the new Penelope Standing paperback version to Amazon & D2D, create a new BookBub ad graphic, watch as much as I can stand of a FB ad presentation.

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bozoette said...

Aw, I'm sorry. I hope you both get a good night's sleep tonight!