Saturday, December 10, 2022


Today being Saturday, I bathed the kittens in lime sulfur and cleaned/bleached everything in the bathroom. All in all, it's a process that takes about two hours. Two-pound Princess Lemontina is starting to have an attitude about being bathed, which makes it all very exciting. It's always the little ones you have to watch out for...

I made pumpkin soup for dinner since I accidentally thawed the pureed pumpkin. It was an easy mistake to make. Almost everything in my freezer is stored in Talenti ice cream containers because:

  • The containers hold almost exactly two cups, so they're the perfect size, and
  • the sides are clear so you can see inside, plus the lid screws on, and
  • the plastic holds up in the freezer since it was meant for ice cream, and
  • I eat a lot of ice cream, so I have a ton of them.
Every time I put something in the freezer, I think oh, of course I'll remember what that is. Fifty-four years old and I still fall for that.

I never remember what it is.

Anyhow, I thought the container held the other half of a can of pizza sauce, and only after I was wondering why it was thawing as a solid did I remember I'd put the leftover pumpkin from the pumpkin pie in there.

I did not use it on pizza — I used honey mustard dip instead, which was better than it sounds — but instead thawed two more unlabeled Talenti containers holding homemade vegetarian soup stock (and I just put them in there last week, so I knew for sure what they were), sautéed  onions and garlic and mixed it all together. The soup was good.

I couldn't taste the pumpkin.

Obligatory Picture

Here's a handsome dog in a bunch of leaves.

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