Friday, December 9, 2022

It Was a Dark and Stormy Afternoon

It's early afternoon and a big storm is rolling in, so it's already getting dark. But I'm inside where it's dry and warm, the kittens are learning how to destroy their first box, and the dog is snoring on the couch behind me.

Guido had his annual exam yesterday. He yelled in the car and in the waiting room, but then demanded his doctor spend extra time petting him. Guido used to jump onto Keith's shoulders every time Keith tried to listen to his heart, but he's a little less mobile now. (Guido also used to escape from the cat porch onto the roof and I'm okay with those days being over.) At the end of it all, Guido was declared to be in great shape for a 20-year-old cat, after which he got his rabies vaccine and then he yelled at me all the way home.

(At his age, Guido is probably completely protected from rabies already, but I learned my lesson with his sister. I'd stopped worrying about her rabies vaccination status when she made it to 15, and then she got sick and bit someone while they were trying to put in an IV catheter. One rabies quarantine is enough for this house.)

As for me, I'm going to spend some time this afternoon working on the series bible for my cozy mysteries. It's a simple document, with a list of all the facts I've mentioned in the past — character descriptions, locations, pet names, etc. — because there are now two novels and two novellas already published, and trying to keep things consistent would be easier if I don't have to search through all the books.

How many cats does Esther have, and what are their names? Uh... six, and... I know I've named at least one, but... When the series bible is complete, I will have all that info in one place.

Obligatory Picture

Bark textures are kind of cool, aren't they?


jenmoon said...

I had to explain to East Coast friends online today that no, it's not sunny and warm in California...

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

A friend of mine caught a bit of snow on her backyard trail cam a couple nights ago! In Davis!