Monday, December 12, 2022

Three Minutes

Getting the house in shape for the pet sitter continues...

Yesterday, I looked at the kitchen faucet and realized I was going to have to do something. For the last two years, the handle has been falling off. Basically, if you don't hold it on just right, it comes off in your hand. And if you aren't hanging on to it, it falls down the drain.

It's been a pain for two years, but I've been ignoring it. I looked at it once, and I thought there was a screw missing, so I went back to ignoring it.

But today, I decided to google it to find out what size screw I needed to buy. And that was when I found out the screw that is in there is a hollow cylinder. I wasn't missing a screw. I just needed to tighten it with a hex wrench.

So it took about three minutes (google, watching the start of a video, then finding the right hex wrench, and finally, tightening it) to fix something that's been bugging me for two years.

This is why I should just rent. I'm terrible at this stuff.

Obligatory Photo

How about a picture of two kittens sleeping? They're very messy, but also very cute.

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