Thursday, December 15, 2022


I had one of those weirdly good days today, and while I didn't get everything checked off on my todo list, I made a dent in it.

The kittens went off to the shelter for the day for their latest ringworm tests. (Since Lemontina has recently lost almost all the hair on both ears, I'm not sure why we're bothering, but I guess it's good for the kittens to get out and see other people.) When I picked up the kittens in the afternoon, the local turkey flock was hanging around the shelter parking lot as usual. I swear there are more turkeys every time I'm there. One even jumped onto my car, but my car has a protective layer of dirt so I wasn't worried.

I finished the second half of a short story that is going out to my Patreon supporters today tomorrow and then played three hours of solitaire.

I used to think playing solitaire was just a way to waste time, but there's something about the simplicity and monotony that allows me to think about stuff. Which is to say: I'm counting those three hours as work time.

Hey, I'm my own boss. I sign my own timesheet. I can do that sort of thing.

Self-Promo Time!

For the Smashwords End of Year Sale (going on until January 1, 2023), I made the first book in three different series FREE (with the checkout code SW100), so if you were ever curious about the stuff I write, now's the time to check it out without risking your hard-earned cash. 

(In case you've never heard of Smashwords — they are an ebook retailer, like Amazon but 100% less evil. If you get a book through Smashwords, you can either read it on your phone/computer through an app, or you can send it to your Kindle or other e-reader. You can also buy ebooks for other people as a gift, which is not easy to do on Amazon.)

In any case, now is your chance to grab these books for free:

Cozy mystery: Death Walks a Dog by Tess Baytree (me in disguise!) Death Walks a Dog
SF / Space Opera: The Chaos Job by T.M. Baumgartner The Chaos Job
SF / Science Fantasy: All Gremlins Great & Small by T.M. Baumgartner All Gremlins Great & Small

If you enjoy them, maybe tell a friend or write a review.

Obligatory Picture

There's a bunch of stuff going on with this tree trunk. I thought it was interesting.

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