Thursday, February 15, 2024

Day 15: How to Turn a Man's Head

Welcome to day 15 of Thingadailies. Want to play along? The full video is here.

Today's starting point: 15:32

Ending point: 15:52

I just got back from driving a cat up to a rescue in Santa Rosa and I'm starving, so this will be quick.

Step 1: Off with his head!

Technically, I masked it, so it was still there, but it sounds better this way.

Step 2: Twist his head around

From your backup copy of the layer, copy his head and flip it around.

(I can't believe this actually worked and leads to a pose that looks realistic, but there we are.)

Step 3: Add the man to the buffalo image

I did have to scale the layer up a bit (because I'd reduced the resolution of the man a few days ago), but he doesn't look too pixelated. If I was going to redo this, I'd reduce his size but not quite as much.

Tomorrow we do some color level stuff to make him fit in and then some highlighting and shadows.

Tip of the day:

I found the "Copy visible" option under the edit menu, so I don't have to collapse all the layers before copying a composite into another image.


Route 8 said...

I hope his loafers aren't made from buffalo hide. (Your progress is impressive.)

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

Ha ha ha! You've turned this from a fantasy to horror!