Sunday, February 11, 2024

Day 11: Burn the Bridge

Welcome to day 11 of Thingadailies. Want to play along? The full video is here.

Today's starting point: 12:12

Ending point: 13:53

I'll be honest, I was mostly going on vibes today and not bothering to stop the video ten thousand times to figure out exactly what was going on. My version may reflect that. Sure, it's fine.

Our starting point:

Step 1: Import the bridge

Once again, this bridge has been extracted from its background. I'm actually not sure it's a real bridge — it may be a render.

Step 2: Make the bridge sag

This involved using the layer warping tool that I can't find in GIMP, but I made a cage around it and warped the cage. That seemed to work pretty well, though it does fuzz the edges a bit. I think that's only visible when you're zoomed in, but it's noticeable then.

Was this actually necessary? I'm not totally convinced.

Step 3: Add highlights and shadows.

I think I got close. In any case, this is what I ended up with. Tomorrow I'll deal with the cliff edge on the left that is passing through part of the bridge.


Karen said...

“Going on vibes” must mean you are getting good at the UI!

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

I think I am!