Saturday, December 26, 2020

Winter Walk

 We've reached the time of the year when it always seems to be dark and gloomy, plus I've sent the last week eating so much sugar that my pancreas is begging for mercy. At least I worked out this morning. I may have to take that as the solitary win for the day.

Instead of walking the dogs late at night, I took them for a stroll on the paths of the nearest park during the day today. That meant having treats handy at all times. 

Two dogs in a grassy park, with their leashes attached to a big tree that could be an oak but might be something else entirely
Photography tip: for that extra pop of color, always have poop bags tied to your leash.

The little dog throws a fit when she sees another dog, or, since her eyesight isn't that great, a person pulling a cart, holding a briefcase, or just looking like someone who might own a dog. The big dog isn't quite as bad when he's on his own, but when the little dog is barking and just generally making a ruckus, he gets excited too. 

little fluffy elderly dog
QOTD, every day: Is this the start of deafness, blindness, or senility?

Hence, treats. If I can distract them and keep this all from escalating, we can get through it all without any barking or pulling on the leash. It's also important to catch it early, because the big dog is not quite as gentle about taking treats when he is excited. I like my fingers where they are, thank you very much.

Head of an Alaskan Husky
You can tell I'm not a great dog trainer because I can't take a picture without clipping their leashes to something. Otherwise if I crouch down, they rush me.

Anyhow, that was my day. I might need to invest in better lighting, or maybe just move to the southern hemisphere for the season.

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