Sunday, December 27, 2020


 I worked out, I did a little cleaning, and then it was time to start procrastinating on writing the ending of the NaNoWriMo novel. Cat Rambo has all of the on-demand classes currently priced at $5 each (and honestly, y'all should take the space opera course just so you can hear Ann Leckie talk about the origins of the genitalia festival in Ancillary Sword). So I bought a few -- procrastinating by watching classes is often what I need to get me unstuck.

One of the classes I bought covers the topic of podcasting for writers. Do I intend to start a podcast? No. Ha ha ha. No. I can't even commit to blogging regularly, and that doesn't involve listening to the sound of my own voice. (Aieeeee!) But there may be some occasion in the future, if I'm better about promoting my books, when I might need to be a guest on someone else's podcast. Also, it's fun to look into things I have no intention of doing.

(To tell you how bad I am at marketing my books, I realized this morning that I forgot to put in the "If you enjoyed this book, please write a review at your favorite site" section in the cozy mystery. Do people really need to be reminded? Maybe they do. I should redo the epub files and reload them to all the distributors, but that's a lot of work. I think I'll just wait until book two in the series comes out, at which point I'll need to reload everything with a link to the next book anyhow. I am lazy.)

Gratuitous Dog Picture

This is from two years ago. We walked around downtown on a weekend when the leaves were falling. Georgie looks like he was on patrol.

Alaskan Husky lying amid orange and yellow leaves

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