Friday, December 18, 2020

For Whom The Prompt Trolls

Not having done anything worth talking about today, I went to the Holidailies prompt generator. It gave me this:

What new things did you do / see / experience this year?

You know... ideally the prompt is there to help you find something to talk about. 

So clearly the prompt was a wash. 

Instead, I'll just say that I was working on the read-aloud editing pass on the cozy novella last night, and I found a spot where a main character's name had briefly changed. How many times have I read through that chapter and not noticed that? Ten? Fifteen?

It's no wonder there are typos in every book.

Gratuitous Bird Picture

I don't take many pictures of Mackie because she's hard to get to stand still. But here she is!

Profile of a small bird with orange feathers on her head and green feathers on her body
Mackie is a gold-capped conure. I think she's 24 years old.

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