Sunday, December 6, 2020

Rest Day

 I had a bunch of editing and writing to do today, but I did almost none of it. Instead, I spent most of the morning watching season 10 of Vera.

My Autograph?

Then I went to my book signing. That makes it sound grand, but really it was just me signing books in front of a friend's house (masked, from 6' away). They were all copies that she'd purchased for holiday presents. I don't know how Real Authors™make small talk with people while they're signing books. Maybe I'll learn that when I level up. Also, the standard Sharpie has a little too much bleed-through.

The Great Outdoors

After that I took the dogs for a walk in the UC Davis arboretum. We didn't go far -- the little dog has reached the stage where she can't keep up with a regular walking pace for long -- but there was much sniffing to be done. I also attempted to take pictures of the dogs in a setting other than my office. I'm a terrible photographer, and the dogs' inability to stay doesn't help things. But at least they aren't pictures of the big dog lying down with his legs all wonky.

Two dogs standing above the banks of Putah Creek, with a lot of vegetation around them
Look, I almost got both dogs in the picture!

We may have to go back again soon so I can try again.

Other Updates

  • The big dog still hasn't figured out how to make it through the door blanket to come into the office, so I have to hold it open for him.
  • We managed to walk past three (3) dogs at one time during out walk today, and both my dogs were reasonably well behaved, so I'm counting that as a win.
  • I still have the theme music for Vera stuck in my head. Everything has a foreboding feeling to it.

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bozoette said...

Rest days are important! I try to get one in every week.

Thanks for the heads-up about my book link - I'll try to fix that. I've tried to Kindle-fy the book, but I'm doing something wrong. I need to fix that too - it's on the list!