Monday, December 21, 2020

Holiday Decorations

 I'm not big on decorating for the holidays. The cats would destroy a tree if I had one, and the big dog would probably decide it was there for him to pee on. But mostly I'm just too lazy and I don't care enough about the actual holidays to celebrate them.


Once a year I take out the elf hat and try to get the dogs to wear it. (I've also tried to get the cats to do something with it, but I've never managed anything other than a disgruntled cat, and that's hard to distinguish from their regular pose.)

The Little Dog

Ginger didn't really care about it all that much. She was much more focussed on the treat in my hand.

Small tan dog with a holiday elf hat
The hat stayed on a good five seconds.

The Big Dog

Georgie was not a huge fan, but he put up with it a little longer this year. Part of the problem is that his head doesn't really fit inside the hat and it slides around.

Alaskan Husky with elf hat
Are we done yet?

Most of the trauma was from the little dog rushing over to comfort him.

Alaskan Husky with elf hat, and little fluffy dog running forward to lick his face
Here she comes!

Alaskan Husky in elf hat getting his face licked by a little tan fluffy dog
"It's okay, I'm here!" "Ugh."

Anyhow, I thought it went well this year. I mean, I'm still a terrible photographer, but my dogs are pretty darn cute.


bozoette said...

They're very cute indeed! If I tried to put hats or costumes on our cats, I would be bleeding.

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

I might be able to get away with it on the geezers, though I don't think I could take the picture fast enough before they took it off. Ripley wouldn't really care, and Guido has mellowed a bit in his old age. But I've never bought any costumes for the cats, so I can't really test it out.