Sunday, December 20, 2020

Is it Bigfoot, or Gin and Tonic?

It's just like Christmas here today because I went grocery shopping for the first time in... four weeks? It's something like that. Before Thanksgiving, anyhow.

I have tortillas! (I know that I should be able to make my own, but they just never come out right.) So dinner tonight was quesadillas, and they were quite good.

I also finished the read-aloud editing pass of the cozy novella, so it is ready to go for a final proofreading. I added about one hundred more commas, inserted the occasional missed word, and fixed the last name of one of the main characters. Apparently my subconscious was just not happy with how I named this guy. Names are always a pain.

Other than that, not a lot happened here today. In some ways Holidailies is its own special version of hell this year, because every day I have to stop and realize that I haven't done anything new. But I think that's kind of true every year.

The quality of this picture is not my fault!

I technically have four cats: two geezers that I raised as bottle babies, and two semi-feral youngsters whom I can't get near. However, I've found that when I'm busy leashing the dogs for their evening walk, the semi-ferals will stay on the cat tree in the living room and not run off. My campaign to win them over will only start in earnest once the geezers are gone and I don't have to worry about the old guys getting into the wrong food, but still, I have proof that these cats are in the house!

Grainy photo of two cats on a cat tree
Gin (tortie on top) and Tonic (orange boy below)

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