Monday, December 28, 2020


 Confession: I spent the day doing adult stuff, including walking the dogs, cleaning the kitchen floor, and scrubbing the dried trail of drool that extends across the living room from the dog bed (where the dogs do a down-stay while I prepare their food) to the dog crate (where I put the big dog's food). So then I decided to make a whiskey sour after I ate dinner (because I have all these damn Meyer lemons to use up -- gardening is killing my liver), and as usual I didn't measure anything. Full disclosure: I'm a little bit hammered at the moment.

I'm on vacation today! Yay! Unfortunately, being on vacation makes me think about how much I don't want to work ever again. That's a problem. I've had a privileged life, so I can't really complain (spoiler: I'm going to anyhow!), but wouldn't it be nice to be born to a place where you could do whatever you wanted for the rest of your life?

I wrote half a piece of flash fiction this morning, but I didn't work on the ending to my November novel. Maybe tomorrow.

Gratuitous Dog  and Cat Pictures

Black cat lying upside down
Ripley at his winsome best

Close-up of an Alaskan Husky nose
Mr. Your Business Is My Business

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