Saturday, December 19, 2020


 I was having persistent problems with shin splints earlier this year, so I stopped running for a while. But today I remembered that I still needed to pick up the refills on the geezer cats' steroids, so I laced up my shoes, put the running harness on the dog, and off we went.

It's only about a mile and a half to the veterinary hospital, but... yeah, it's the first time I've gone running in at least six months, so I had the app do notifications for 30 seconds of walking followed by 90 seconds of jogging. And by jogging, I mean slow jogging -- partially because I'm not in shape, but also because there was a lot of hopping up curbs, and really uneven sidewalks.

We were almost there when the big dog got excited about some other dogs barking ahead of us, and he moved in front of me, and I tripped over him, and then I was flat on the asphalt. My knees and palms were a little shredded, but nothing was bleeding too badly. The big dog didn't even look repentant. Jerk.

Anyhow, I'm fine, but it's been a couple of hours and now I remember how everything seems great until you stiffen up later. So maybe I'll just go take a nap.

And now, a picture of the good dog

Facebook tells me this was taken ten years ago, which was back when I still walked the dogs when it rained. Now I just tell them it's raining and we all stay home quite happily. (This picture has Ginger, still known as the little dog, plus Molly (RIP), the dumbest dog I've ever met, though she was a wonderful pet.)

Two wet dogs, one large and black & white, and the other little & fluffy & tan.
Two dogs waiting to get inside before they shake all the water off


bozoette said...

Ack! I really fear falling now, but the cats would love to see it.

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

It's not the first time I've fallen while running, but it's the first time the dog has been the cause. I have to say, falling on the road (when there are no cars nearby) is definitely kinder on the body than falling on the sidewalk.

And yeah, the cats keep trying. Every day.