Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Holidailies Returns!

 It's December, which means it is time for Holidailies, during which I write a blog post every day for the month (plus, apparently, one on January 1st, a fact that I did not catch in the first couple years I participated).

Little fluffy tan dog who might be part Pomeranian, but usually isn't that horrible

Who am I? (Why did you ask?)

If you are new to this blog, welcome! I am your host, Theresa. I live in Northern California with two dogs, two snuggly inside cats, two inside cats that literally run out of the room whenever they see me, and two birds. All the pets that don't run away from me are a bit elderly, so I expect the two-by-two state of affairs won't last for much longer, but I'll enjoy them while they're here.

For money I do things on a computer. No, not like that. I mean I'm a programmer. I've also been a veterinarian. This year I published my first novel. There are more books on the way! The only other thing that you might want to know is that I'm kind of terrible at following directions.

What's in store this month?

Two cats, solid grey and black, asleep in one cat bed

Coming up with blog topics for 30 days in a normal year is sometimes a stretch. This year is definitely going to be a challenge. The only thing that hasn't been virtual since March is agility with the big dog. After a long break we restarted a few months ago. However, my trainer broke her leg, so now we aren't even doing that.

Large Alaskan Husky lying on his side with his front and back legs crossed

So that's me! I'm guessing a lot of blog space will be devoted to talking about the ridiculousness of independent publishing, mostly because I have to laugh at myself when I'm actually trying to follow directions.

Anyhow, welcome to the blog! Feel free to leave comments and questions. And go check out the other Holidailies participants!


bozoette said...

Yay! I'll be interested in your posts on independent publishing, for sure.

fairbetty said...

I'm so happy about all the pet pictures. Keep 'em coming Baumgartner!

Mellie said...

Happy Holidalies! Love all the fur baby pictures.