Friday, February 4, 2022

Cover Art (Day 4)

Okay, this may be when I really start heading off into the weeds. But I wanted to try different things.

I've been reliably informed that if you never fail, you aren't trying hard enough.

Playing with the logo... This time I used the logo as a mask, expanded it, and copied that part of the main picture. Then I put the logo down on it again.

Colorful painting of a dog's head with the vet logo in a similar color map below

Obviously the logo wouldn't be placed where it is now — that area will have the title. Overall, I don't think this attempt gets me much closer, but it was something to try.


Route 8 said...

We’ll done! I have never figured out masks and it makes me grumpy. I like your idea of using a background that suggests the setting.

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

I like the idea, too, but this may turn out to be one of those ideas I can't make work with my level of experience. (There's a reason artists deserve to be paid well!) This is perfect for Thingadailies, though — it forces me to at least try some different things before I give up.

It took forever before I could figure out what I was doing with masks, and I still wipe out the opposite of what I'm aiming for sometimes. :)

Route 8 said...

You’re doing amazing with masks. The caduceus looks great. Are you able to change opacity on layers? That would allow you to blend the background image through the top layers, and masking might allow you to focus on which elements come through more strongly.