Thursday, February 10, 2022

Cover Art (Day 10)

 Remember a few days back when I was trying out different watermarked backgrounds and said "oh yeah, if I go with any of these I'll have to go back and purchase the files"?

I did that with the topography map and put the purchased version into the file and also made the whole image wider so I could potentially made the dog's head smaller. And of course, that whole process took a while. But here's a mostly unchanged version that has the purchased background. I also changed the font on my name.

I'm still not completely convinced about my font choices, but I think it's getting close. I need to fix a couple of small things (kerning between the initials and the periods, for one). And how does it look in thumbnail?

Still legible, so that's a win.

Tomorrow I'll see if shrinking the dog's head helps any — I suspect I'll like it better the way it is now, but it's worth the experiment.

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