Sunday, December 9, 2018

The Feathered Four

Today I felt guilty enough about not taking the big dog on a walk last night (because the little dog was sick -- she's feeling better today), so I actually went for a run. As I was putting on my running pants the big dog looked over and raised his eyebrows. He didn't actually say "Really? You're going to go for a run? You don't have any excuses left?", but I was definitely feeling some judgement. Even the running app on my phone has started giving me notifications lately, like "Hey, remember me? Thanksgiving has come and gone. Now would be a great time to start working out again!"

We only went two miles out, then walked back, but I figured that's probably good enough for only the second run in something like eight months. Frankly I'm a little surprised I can still run two miles since I remember going through the whole couch-to-10k program and being wiped out after 30 seconds of jogging. (No really. It was pathetic. And yet here I am!)

We ran past these guys on the way out:

(They look like they're auditioning for a Beatles cover band.)

And then we walked past them on the way back. They were not happy about the big dog. The big dog was pretty happy to see them, though. I think they were the highlight of his run.


Mellie said...

Maybe they are auditioning for the role of the 'four calling birds?"

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

They did unleash a few gobbles at us, so maybe that's it!