Sunday, December 23, 2018

The Key

So I've been sort of slowly getting the house in shape for the petsitter for the last few weeks. This isn't to say that the house is actually ready -- it's still a disaster, but hopefully it's not so bad she'll run screaming the first time she comes through the door.

I've trimmed back some of the greenery attempting to hide the front gate, and swept away some cobwebs on the screen door, and mopped the area where the big dog drools when I'm getting his dinner ready. I still have a long list of things that I'd like to get done, though I'll probably just do the easy parts and ignore the rest.

I just realized a few minutes ago that I have no idea where my front door key is.

My petsitter has had a copy of the key for the last five years, but I usually only lock the front door from the inside. About the only time I use the front door is when I walk the dogs, and then I leave it unlocked. If I'm driving somewhere I go out the back door so

I lock the front door from the inside and leave the back sliding door unlocked. Trust me when I say that a) the dogs keep people from breaking in, and b) if someone makes it past the dogs, good luck finding anything worth stealing in my house.

(The Fluffy Guardian)

Anyhow, I do lock up the house completely when I leave on vacation, but only so my petsitter doesn't get worried by finding an unlocked door. But this means that I need to find my keys so I can unlock the door when I get back.

I have a couple of ideas where the key might be. I just need to remember to look for it sometime in between cleaning the kitchen and wiping paw prints off the sofa...

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