Friday, December 7, 2018

The Big Dog Weight Loss Plan

The heat, then smoke, and then rain (plus, let's be honest, laziness) have really messed with my fitness levels and I've reached the point when I think I either need to buy bigger clothes or start eating less. Frankly, both of those options suck, but buying clothes is probably the more painful option. On the other hand, December really isn't the best time to say "Hey, I'm going to lose five pounds!". I was lamenting my options the other day and one of my friends agreed and suggested buying a pair of sweatpants and then putting off the pain until January. I have practical friends who enable me. Also, please don't comment on my sweatpants before next year.

In the meantime, the big dog has lost three pounds in as many weeks. He does this every winter. The minute the temperature drops I have to nearly double his food or he starts losing weight. He doesn't really get any exercise that I don't, so the only thing that makes sense is he's burning calories to keep warm.

So my new plan to lose weight is... I'm going to turn down the thermostat a few degrees during the day. (I already turn off the heat at night, which just means I am under a mountain of cats.) I tried it today and found that I notice when I've been sitting at my desk for a while because my hands get cold. Then I get up and jump around a bit and I'm warm again. Maybe this will help.

(The cats are not super thrilled with this development.)

If this works I'm going to patent the plan, write a book, and make millions.

In other news I took the dogs for an early walk this evening and our arrival downtown coincided with the pre-tree-lighting festivities. The big dog saw a horse pulling a hay cart and he was very interested. He was staring and prancing around just like the horse, making everyone waiting for the parade laugh.

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