Monday, February 5, 2018

You Can Do It!

Thingadailies, day 5:

I mentioned I was going to use the mold after I figured out how to mix concrete correctly, didn't I?

Well... I'm not sure I've got it figured out yet, but I decided to try it out tonight anyhow.

I also decided to put the dry dye on top of the concrete and try to work it in since I haven't been able to tell that I've mixed in any of the dye in previous attempts. I used half a packet of red.

That's why even though it looks like it, I really didn't slaughter something and bury it under the wet concrete. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

By far the best thing about this concrete mold is the inspirational material included in the instruction sheet.

This part was so good they had to put it in there twice:

And while I'm not waiting for him, I can build up my business and creat(e) my happy family!

In case you were wondering if you made the right choice -- of course!

And clearly whoever wrote this intended it for people like me. Note the instructions. Step one - mix the concrete -- nothing more, nothing less. In fact, these instructions read like someone was tasked with writing them and that person looked at their boss and said "What idiot can't figure out how to use this?" And then their boss told them to do it anyway. So they did, mumbling about stupid people the entire time.

My boss said to me a couple of weeks ago "Can you write something up -- without sarcasm --". I think he meant to continue with the rest of the sentence, but we both started laughing at that point so he had to start over. Person in China who wrote these instructions -- I feel for you!

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Jenipurr said...

My sister and brother-in-law used a similar sort of mold to do an entire walkway for their front yard and it's aged really well. But now I'm wondering if the mold they used had such delightful instructions!