Monday, February 12, 2018

No Jazz Hands Today

Thingadailies, it's still a thing!

There's no getting around it -- Mondays are kinda sucky. I have to drive down to the Bay Area and the traffic is just crappy even though I try to avoid it.

So I didn't go to the hardware store for mortar mix today. I also didn't go to the grocery store to pick up canned cat food which I somehow did not notice was getting low when I made my list on Saturday. The trip to the grocery store is obviously of higher importance lest I be slaughtered in my sleep, so I'm probably not going to make it to the hardware store tomorrow either.

Life. Sometimes it takes better planning than I account for.

Anyhow, today I tried to embed "exotic" glass around the sides and then put a simple design on top. I'm guessing the glass won't stay, but maybe it will at least make the sides interesting. Or more likely, the whole thing will just fall apart. Hey, not everything can be a winner. (Or, as K-Poo once famously said "It can't be all jazz hands all the time!")

By the way, sprinting at the end of a six mile run? Not the greatest idea if you want to be comfortable the next day. My legs are not jazz-handing right now.

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