Monday, February 19, 2018


Thingadailies. How many times do you suppose something has to be typed before the interwebs adds the word to the known list and it stops getting listed as misspelled? More than 28, I'm pretty sure.

After the whirlwind of yesterday (and the sadness of having to work on this, a holiday for a whole lot of people including all the contractors in the company), I decided to go with something simple for today. Also, it's cold (for us) and windy outside -- next year I'm picking a theme that doesn't involve going out of the house every night.

There's a touch of blue acrylic paint mixed in with the mortar -- I'm hoping it comes through when this cures.

 (Given the big crack in the garage floor visible in this photo, I'd say that maybe my next project should be re-pouring concrete for the garage, but if there's one thing this month has taught me, it's that I have no business doing anything with concrete...)

After helping my boss get Oracle, java, python, and R working in harmony on his new mac pretty much all day today, I spent some time this evening working on the author website. Some day I really will make it public, I swear, so that the world can ignore that website as well.

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