Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Thingadailies, day 6:

Today I made a stepping stone smaller than my foot. One might call that asinine if the point is to create a path one can walk on, but I'm going to go with whimsical.

Mixing concrete is hard work. There's a reason people rent those big mixers. Very small amounts are fine but anything of, say, shoe box size or greater is enough to make my stirring hand hurt. Other (totally valid!) excuses:
  • I found a cat tooth on the cat bed over the weekend, and after spending a bit of time chasing cats around and trying to get a good look in their mouths (ha!), I decided that Ripley was the most likely donor. So I had to bring him in today to get anesthetized for x-rays to make sure nothing too terrible was going on in his mouth (they extracted one more tooth and cleaned up everything) which meant that he had to go without breakfast. I dare you to be productive in the morning when one hungry and lonely cat is wailing inside the closed bathroom, another cat is complaining because there is a closed door, and the dogs are underfoot because deep in their little pea brains they get that something strange is going on but they don't know what, so they just pace constantly.
  • I had to drive back in the afternoon to pick up the not-quite-sober Ripley. He's a happy drunk. He spent the rest of the day rubbing himself all over the other cats, the dogs, and a few inanimate objects that he stumbled into. (The remaining cats did not like this behavior and occasionally reacted poorly.) Right now Ripley's sleeping in my lap, his head resting on one arm.
  • Then I had to drive back again a couple hours later with the dogs for agility. And their flu shots. It was windy. The little dog was pretending she couldn't hear me. If she didn't regularly fly across the yard and around the side of the house to bark at dogs walking on the other side of the street I might have believed her.
All of this is to explain why I didn't get started on the project for this evening until almost 9 PM and then I didn't  have the energy to do much.

So I made a stone with my initials. I have a feeling the tiles are going to have to be glued down later, but at least they'll have divots to sink into.

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