Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Webcomic: Day 28

Want to see where this all began? Start here! It's hilarious, I promise. (Uh, not the story. My attempt at making a webcomic.)

Things I learned today

  1. First off, I had to look back to the beginning of the month to find the link above, and wow, I really have gotten better. Go, me! I had trouble with the lighting on the last panel and I mostly fixed it!

  2. I totally forgot Gary was a Genesis 9 and thus looks nearly identical to the high mage Genesis 9. But Gary has a smile, so clearly they are different people. Also, they have different clothes.

  3. I have learned a ton about how to place objects. I think my next step will be to see how close I can get to the Jackpot Drift series cover images I want without buying a bunch of new stuff. (That was the end goal with all this.) I think I'll probably end up buying things, but it's kind of amazing how much things can be repurposed just by changing the size and color.

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