Friday, February 24, 2023

Webcomic: Day 24


Things I learned today

  1. I really wanted the high mage to throw balls of magic, and I thought I could do that by creating pinpoints of light, but that just produced a black canvas, so... There's probably some simple solution, but I'd need to search for it.

  2. In the absence of magic balls, I went with what I had. The shield is a shuriken from the Lynx package (which includes what Char is wearing) made super big and with a bunch of parameter changes. The red wheel o' death is a cog from the workshop, again made big and with random parameter changes. Mostly I made them both big because I couldn't find them after I added them to the scene. Freaking ivy.

  3. Yes, the shield/shuriken has a hole in the middle. You aren't supposed to notice that.


Hug, attempt #1. Soooo close!

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